Supply Chain Consulting Services

Services Overview

Mark Lauterbach & Associates specializes in supply chain transformations for mid-size to Global 2000 companies, whether private or publicly-traded. We help companies evaluate and/or redesign their supply chain operations, helping them achieve their desired results effectively and efficiently.

Clients also benefit from our ability to source and/or manage talent acquisition – often but not always part of the transformation. When a company needs the right talent, we understand how to find and assess the best talent for organizations related to supply chain, due to our deep understanding in that area.

Primary Services

We integrate strategic supply chain with change management to create exceptional results. By focusing on the People, Processes, and Systems, we deliver lasting cost reductions and value enhancements to the business.

We work together to assess the current state of your sourcing and supply chain organization. We'll provide benchmarks and best practices and while evaluating the potential magnitude of improvements and results.
Based on the completed evaluation, we develop a customized seven-step transformation model to embed sustainable change in the organization, including: quick wins; organizational structure; strategic projects resulting in significant cost savings; and training to develop the skills to embed and sustain the new dynamic.
Talent Management
Typically under a retained recruiter model, we offer various levels of contracting for talent management. This may include sourcing, screening, testing, interviews, or questionnaires - hire us for the whole process or just one part. We help you find the best people for your supply chain transformation based on our deep domain knowledge in supply chain.

Other Services

Mark Lauterbach & Associates offers a variety of additional services including custom purchasing and supply chain training, other talent management services, one-off purchasing projects, and more. We're focused on getting you what you need for your supply chain situation. Contact us with your needs to get started, and we can let you know if and how we can help.

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