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You have months – not years to redesign your supply chain. And if you do, you can satisfy your customers and drive maximum bottom line results.

You may know your end-result and need help developing a workable strategy to get there. Or, you someone like yourself to get the real work done.

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We know your situation and have helped others through it.

Mark Lauterbach & Associates, a boutique supply chain consulting firm brings Fortune 500 supply chain experience to help you realize your vision on your timeline.  We bring staff that:

  • Have Been in Your Shoes – Staff members have developed and executed supply chain strategies from real-world, industry experience.
  • Understand the Pressure – Our professionals come from a wide array of disciplines, have made complex decisions, and bring P & L responsibility experience.
  • Typically Work on Referral – Nearly all of our business comes from referrals from satisfied Senior Executives, their Boards, or Private Equity owners. Our quality staff produces quality results.

Tailored Approach and Collaboration Drove Effective Transformation

We engaged Mark Lauterbach and his team (ML) to conduct a detailed evaluation of our current global purchasing organization and they clearly mapped our current state and the potential opportunities that were available if we would restructure and refocus the organization. We then took the next step and engaged ML to lead our procurement transformation utilizing their seven-step transformation model tailored for our business. They assisted with the implementation including staffing, organizational structure, goals and metrics, strategic improvement projects and provided detailed, tailored training to staff at all levels of the organization. This type of intimate support could only be provided by supply chain professionals that have come out of industry and know what they are doing. We were very pleased with the results.
Sergio S.VP of Global Purchasing

Successful Partnership and New CPO

We engaged ML to support our selection process for hiring a new Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). Their tools and findings reinforced our conclusions, increased our confidence in extending an offer and helped us fill our CPO position. For companies with critical personnel needs, I would recommend ML based on their professional approach, unique skills and valuable contribution to a critical business decision.
David G.CEO

Expertise Recommended, Highly Effective Training

I have worked for a number of Fortune 500 corporations and had training in Sourcing and Strategic Purchasing, but it paled in comparison to the training that Mark Lauterbach and the ML team conducted. Not only did their training provide a practical, solid foundation in developing sourcing strategies, but they also assisted us in developing detailed strategies for each of our purchased categories. I highly recommend them.
Henry A.Purchasing Director

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